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Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) was implemented in 2012 and rescinded in 2017. USCCB supports DACA youth and has advocated for the DREAM Act in the years it was introduced in Congress. Below are some resources, including backgrounders and letters of support from past and present USCCB Chairs of the Committee on Migration.

Advocacy Resources:

NEW!!! FAQ – Recent DACA Litigation Developments

On the “Compromise” Immigration Bill

Why H.R 4760 is not a good solution

DACA Vote Reccommendations

What you Need to Know about the Newest DACA Lawsuit

ACT NOW: Urge Lawmakers to Work Together for an Immediate Solution for Dreamers

Background Uniting and Securing America (USA) Act

Dream Act, USA Act & Need for Legislative Action Talking Points

Dreamer “Deal” Legislation Chart

Discharge Petition Backgrounder

Family Reunification/Dreamer Toolkit

Postcards to send to your members of Congress to show your support for Dreamers

Comparison chart between potential DACA & Dreamer Legislation

Background on the Dream Act 2017

Action Alert in Support of the Dream Act of 2017

Background on the Differences between the DREAM Act and BRIDGE Act

Background on DACA in English and in Spanish

Previous Statements on DACA and the Dream Act:

USCCB Committee on Migration Support of DACA Statement – July 18, 2017. Read the statement in Spanish here.

DREAM Act of 2017 Letter of Support to Representatives, here is a PDF Version of the letter Supporting the DREAM Act

DREAM Act of 2017 Letter of Support to Senators

USCCB Statement Urging President to Maintain DACA – August 30, 2017

USCCB Statement on DREAM Act – September 12, 2017

Joint BRIDGE Act Letter of Support from USCCB and Catholic Charities USA – January, 2017

USCCB Statement of Support on DACA Youth – June 15, 2012

Individual Bishops’ Statements on Dreamers

Archbishop Gomez on Introduction of DREAM Act of 2017

Statements from Bishops and Catholic Conferences