Please see our resources below to help you advocate humane migration related policies to your local lawmaker:

USCCB Committee on Migration Recent Action on Immigration & Refugee Bills & Issues: A quick reference for the migration and human trafficking-related bills the Bishops’ have supported and opposed in recent months


How to Use the JFI Appropriations Toolkit

  • The toolkit is to be broken down and the various parts of it are to be used individually to help you facilitate your meeting.
  • There is a section for setting up a meeting with your federal lawmaker; another section with an introduction and talking points for your meeting, as well as leave behinds for the four issues we are working on:
    • enforcement (DHS);
    • vulnerable populations (HHS);
    • root causes (SFOPs); and
    • immigration courts (CJS)
  • These requests are the “two-pagers” of specific information for our appropriations asks for each issue and committee. The two-pagers are to be left behind with your lawmaker or their staff member so that they have our requests in writing.
  • Read the one-pagers prior to your meeting as well as the talking points. The talking points will be your script for the meeting.
  • Refer to the appropriate one-pager if you are asked questions about the funding requests. If your one-pager does not have the answer you are looking for, don’t worry- you can simply offer to follow up and contact JFI staff to help you send a response back to your lawmaker or their staff. (This will give you an opportunity for follow up!)
  • Wait until after you have presented your talking points before handing over the packet of two-pagers.
  • Offer to send electronic versions of the two pagers as a follow up.
  • Report to JFI about your visit!

FY2018 Justice for Immigrants Appropriations Toolkit