Pierre* A recent client, is a 21-year old refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo, who had worked as an English teacher with his church prior to his resettlement. Near the end of April 2016, he arrived in Baton Rouge with his mother and two younger siblings. Given his young siblings needs, Pierre knew he must take the necessary steps to support his family. In less than two months, after resettling in Baton Rouge, the employment counselor was able to place him in a full time job at a printing company. Pierre completed cultural orientation and easily learned the bus route to and from work. With work going well at the printing company, Pierre felt confident to help assist others. He helped his siblings improve their English over this past summer and has also helped the Baton Rouge resettlement staff with interpretation. Pierre’s story demonstrates the self-sufficiency and resiliency of many refugees who come the United States, as well as the importance of welcoming communities.

*Name changed to protect identity